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Welcome to Blockchain-certified track and trace, IoT triggered smart contracts for trust & compliance, rapid government customs clearance, and better Supply Chain Finance.

Your Connection To Everything

SMARTHUB, is the core engine in the Cloud of your end-to-end supply chain intelligence.
SMARTHUB, leverages your existing systems and enables you to focus on what matters most to your success and then empowers you to take it to the next level.

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Your Key To The Value Chain

SMARTPASS' are smart-contracts that leverage everything SMARTHUB does and enables your specific transactions to move through the process and systems with authority, speed, and a host of benefits. From deal origination and supply chain finance to transport, clearances and payments.

Supply Chain Finance at the Speed of Light

Introducing world-class supply chain finance with the ability to reduce payment times from 60-120 days to just 3 days.

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While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic decimates physical and financial supply chains worldwide, a new-generation technology platform is emerging to address critical inefficiencies of paper-based and siloed systems.

The AVC Global platform’s SMARTHUB integrates blockchain with serialized Track & Trace, IoT sensors, and AVC’s smart contract, “SMARTPASS” for compliance and government clearances and Fintech for supply chain finance and cross-border payments.

Kyriba, rfxcel, and Cox Logistics Group have joined AVC, and its subsidiary MVC and are all working together to deploy an AVC Platform network with SMARTHUB Node Operations with SMARTPASS across key global trade corridors. Additional strategic partnerships will be announced soon.

The configuration and deployment of the system are currently underway in the GCC based in Bahrain. Initially, the platform will facilitate both Cold and Non-cold storage distribution for pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies in Bahrain.

Commenting on new developments, Sheikha Dheya bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa’s, MVC Global Chairwoman, said: “Due to the ongoing pandemic, the availability, authenticity, and safety of pharmaceutical and agricultural food supply chains is a more urgent priority than ever before. We have been building a world-class team in Bahrain that is connected across the world, with a vision of positioning the Kingdom as a world leader with a value chain platform that includes supply chain finance, sustainability, and development.

Dramatically improving the health of critical supply chains with Track and Trace and Fintech innovation.

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AVC Global and its subsidiary MVC formed a strategic technology partnership with Kyriba Corporation, recognized as North America’s “Most Innovative Fintech Company” in 2020 by Global Finance Magazine. Together with the AVC platform, Kyriba empowers supply chains to transform how they activate financial liquidity as a dynamic, real-time vehicle for growth and value creation, while also protecting against financial risk.

Kyriba’s pioneering Active Liquidity Network connects internal applications for treasury, risk management, working capital and payments with vital external sources such as banks, ERP systems, as well as trading platforms, and is being integrated with the AVC’s SMARTHUB and SMARTPASS blockchain platform for dramatically improved liquidity, security, risk management and rapid payments across the GCC and global supply chains.