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A Value Chain Platform

The Nexus of the Physical, Digital and Financial Supply Chains

AVC Global is a leading-edge supply chain platform with track and trace technology and Supply Chain Financing available through an integrated Fintech platform on a Blockchain.

AVC’s Value Chain platform is designed for industry and government customers to purchase and deliver goods while ensuring that all global regulatory compliance requirements are met.  

The AVC platform is an intelligent and cohesive integration of cloud-based applications, ERP system to system integrations, track and trace, Fintech systems, and Blockchain.  The platform is designed to reduce risk, speed cash flows, and increase profit margins, and grow revenue for all participants. The platform’s network dynamics advance the development of sustainable value chain infrastructures and ecosystems in the form of SMARTHUB and SMARTPASS networks.

The AVC Value Chain platform is designed for a new generation of regenerative and transparent cross-border supply and distribution systems that better serve people, communities, and markets.