The executive team is on the road a lot meeting with innovative leaders in business, government, finance and technology.

The overall project is launched and its headquarters and operations reside in the Wind Tower, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. 

The team is actively developing trade and logistic routes and supply sourcing agreements across a number of strategic communities. We are engaged with government and business leaders as we develop a comprehensive supply, purchasing, logistics and blockchain program.  

We will be launching the next phase of our program in the beginning of Q-4

Launching in Q-4

Project leadership is completing its research and development and actively establishing a network of partnerships, designed to advance Kuwait as a key supply destination, logistics and blockchain network hub.  

The team is actively developing its program with India.  One that is being thoughtfully designed to set a new standard of total quality control that will bring a range of highly competitive and quality agriculture and food products from India into our trade corridor.  India is also part of the overall distributed technology development ecosystem behind the project. 

India is a key supply Hub for our program throughout the project trade corridor. 

Meet The Team

Leo Giacometto

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Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

David Todd

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Co-Founder and CEO

Song Pak

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Senior Executive Advisor

Cian Montgomery

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Senior Blockchain Architect

Jim Hallmark

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Senior Advisor Supply Chain Finance and Infrastructure Fund


Bob Schlicher

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Niels Skjoldager

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Co-Founder and Supply Chain Transformation Leader

Nate DiNiro

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Senior Blockchain and Product Advisor

John Rose

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Senior Financial Advisor

Vijay Mahajan

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Co-Founder, India Agriculture and Senior Social Impact Advisor

Douglas Pond

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Co-Founder Senior Agricultural Value Chain Advisor

James Culver

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Senior Sustainability and Operations Advisor

20 F Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington D.C. 20001


Wind Tower, Office 31, 3rd Floor, Diplomatic Area,  Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain 

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